Your Home Must Have & Must Not Have Lists

Buying a house can be a big undertaking. There are lots of things to do before you even put in an offer or schedule the closing date.

A large recommendation I like to make to all my clients is have your two lists ready to go. Which two lists? The MUST NOT HAVE and MUST HAVE lists.

The MUST NOT HAVE list can actually more important…here’s why. Prospective home owners often start shopping for a house with their “must have” lists in hand. “A fireplace, brick siding, big driveway, fresh paint”…and the list goes on. What’s sometimes skipped is the stuff they don’t want to think about OR that can be overshadowed by their love of the French Doors leading to the back deck.

This can sometimes ruin the whole experience after the fact (you know, when all the T’s are crossed and lower case j’s are dotted).

Things to consider on a must not have list – barking neighbor’s dogs, cars speeding through or “cutting through” your block, traffic noise nearby, proximity to train tracks, future area developments, future rezoning…etc. These are just a few examples.

From time to time the must have list can cross onto and override the must not have list. Example – “good neighborhood” is much more common to search for vs “not a bad neighborhood”.

The must not have list should be focused on just as much as the must have list. More often the must have list can be added in (ie. a fireplace, creative paint, a new window – etc.). The train tracks nearby or barking dogs next door may prove to be much more troublesome to remedy OR live with.