Special Property Features? Land Extras? Have a read.

So you found your dream home huh? Amazing! Great location, right price, beautiful house and layout AND there are property extras. Score!

Wait…what about the property extras should you be aware of before pulling the trigger?

Well, let’s take a look. First, are there any easements such as a road that passes through the land if it’s a large acreage plot? This would be the first thing to look at and examine carefully.

Next, is it on a body of water? Is there a doc? Does this require special insurance or provisions to keep in place and active?

Are there water rights (not lake specific but with a stream or river that might pass through)?

Is there a well and well rights?

Knowing the geographic of a large plot of land with or without a house on it can sometimes be a big challenge. Give me a shout anytime and let’s chat about your goals, it’s use and what extra steps might be needed to get everything in order for a purchase.