Quick Tip for A Pop of Color In Your Home

Feeling a little ‘blah’ about the space in a room of your house? Looking for a quick tip on bringing it back to life a little bit?

It’s WAY simpler than you think…seriously.

Here’s the million dollar idea….add plants! Adding house plants is a great way to add a pop of color to nearly any room. You’ll also get the benefits of cleaner air (as a wide variety of house plants clean the air for you). Many plants are LOW maintenance as well. Yes, you can forget to water them and they will be okay until you remember (usually).

This is a great way to stage a house as well if you are selling your home while still living in it. Plants bring depth, life and color to a room for a relatively small cost.

Give it a try and drop me a line about what your favorite house plants are! Let’s chat!