One Critical Thing You ALWAYS Have to Shop for in a House

What’s the one thing you can’t change about a new home when you’re shopping for one? The foundation? The size of the house? The height of the house? Type of roof? Type of landscaping?

Nope…none of those. While many of them may fall under an HOA purview, they can technically all be altered should you really want to dive in and tackle them.

However, the absolute ONE thing you can NOT change when shopping for a house is the neighborhood. You can’t add parks or schools or shops or neighbors. This is one of the most important aspect of house hunting.

It can take time and can be frustrating and certain points. But looking for an ideal neighborhood that checks the boxes off on your list is a crucial move.

Keep this one tip in mind when starting to search for a house. It’s so important I stress it nearly every time I show a house to my clients.