Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff when Shopping for a House

I’ve seen this a lot as a real estate agent. Buyers are looking for something that checks a lot of boxes and sometimes forget to be flexible. It’s understandable with the housing market at times. A big piece of advice I try and communicate clearly is don’t sweat the small stuff!

All too often a number of small details end up weighing or “averaging out” into a large decision changing pile. I always caution against this because as a homeowner everything is almost always a marathon NOT a sprint! There will always be a detail to change, fix, update, tweak or otherwise think about.

Here are THREE examples of details that very often trip up homebuyers – especially first time home buyers.

PAINT COLOR – Seriously, this one hits all the time. Paint colors are personal and selective. Don’t get caught up if the seller or previous owner LOVED orange walls. A gallon or two of paint and a long weekend of painting solves this almost immediately.

HARDWARE – Door knobs and cabinet pulls are always a quick visually spotted item. They are inexpensive to swap out if you prefer oil rubbed bronze vs brass. Don’t let these distract you from the overall picture.

APPLIANCES – These can add up in price, no doubt about it. However, don’t let an ideal house slip away (if you fits most or all of your other criteria) over a $500 dishwasher or a new clothes dryer. It may take a little fancy financial footwork after closing to sort this out but it’s important to focus on the larger HOUSE picture!

There are many other details that I hope remain as ‘back-burner’ items for you when shopping for a house. If you’re in the market and struggling with stuff like this, feel free to give me a shout anytime. I’m always readily available to chat!