Are You Ready for a Housing Market Bounce Back?

Technically the market hasn’t gone anywhere, but it’s definitely been hovering with a big lack of inventory. As spring of 2021 starts to kick in here in Northern Colorado inventory is trickling in and it’s a great thing to see.

Sellers have enjoyed a large pricing uptick in homes across the state in the last 9-12 months. Multiple offers, offers over asking price and a number of contingencies being waived means a fast closing process.

Where has that left buyers though? Struggling at times if it’s their first home buying experience OR left on the sidelines as their savings isn’t a jumbo stash of cash.

  • Here are THREE quick tips you can put into place as we prepare for the 2021 housing market.
    • Save SAVE and SAVE. This is always mentioned and noted, but it’s rule number one. Save your butt off as inventory starts to come back into the marketplace.
    • Explore neighborhoods while going for a drive AND while riding or walking. Both offer great perspectives on an area you might want to live in. Knowing which spots are on your YES list makes the process smoother
    • Get pre-approved OR consult with a lender. This ensures you’re on track and ready to jump on a house if it’s something you really like. Need a lender to speak with? Give me a shout. I work with some great professionals that are ready to help you with your goals!

This article is not intended to replace or represent financial or investment advice in the real estate markets. It is offered for information & independent research only.