A New Year and A New …

Often find yourself hearing this phrase around this time of year? Do you often say it yourself?

“This year I’ll get on track” … “This year I’ll be better” … “This year I won’t…”

We’ve all been there with New Year’s resolutions. How can you actually apply this to your home goals and make them stick? Check out my THREE tips below!

ONE: S.T.O.P – Stay Tough On Pessimism. Tune out the negative noise from your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors…anyone that’s spewing garbage your way…take a step back from and remember your WHY with whatever your home goals are.

TWO: L.O.O.K – Look Outward, Often & with Karma. Try one new thing each day for 30 days to achieve your goals. Look outside of your daily life or daily grind. Look often at others around you (more outward stuff) and do so with a “Karma attitude”. You’ll never know what’s going on in someone else’s life, so be kind with Karma. New ideas often flow from thinking outside the box. This can be applied to your home projects, goals, searches or other house related things.

THREE: A.C.T – Always Carefully Thrive. Wake up, prepare and then attack each day working towards your goals. Building a new garage? Adding a home office? Saving for your first house? Saving for a dream house? Each day target one little thing on the list to get closer to that goal. Enjoy the journey and do NOT be afraid to act!

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